Emirates – "All-Time Greats" with Cristiano Ronaldo & Pelé (Impact BBDO)

In the run-up to the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, the new commercial for Emirates Airlines throws open the eternal debate of ‘just who is the greatest football player of all time?

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1 pensamiento sobre “Emirates – "All-Time Greats" with Cristiano Ronaldo & Pelé (Impact BBDO)

  1. To bbdoworldwide,

    You have personal messaging disabled unless you have added a YouTube account as a contact, so I am posting this message here instead of sending it to you privately.

    I was looking at beer commercials and decided the Carlton Draught one was clever and great enough that I was going to make it viral. I started sharing the video on Facebook and encouraging others to share it too.

    When I started this, at approximately 1:30pm CST on June 20, 2014, this video had 12,761 views in its 19 months since being uploaded.

    In the eight hours since I posted it, it has now been viewed 15,030 times, an increase of 17.8% in less than half a day when it had been uploaded, again, 19 months ago.

    What troubles me is that your videos do not have stat tracking enabled on them. Is it possible that you could enable it so I could check on the progress of my attempt to measure the ripples social media can create for clever advertising? It would be greatly appreciated. Regardless, hope you like the hits and my attempt, and I hope it somehow yields financial gain for you too.


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