Man City & Man United rise, but you'll NEVER guess who's No. 1 in Shaka's Power Rankings! | ESPN FC

Shaka Hislop is back with his latest power rankings and he’s got some explaining to do. While Manchester City and Manchester United climb the list, there’s a shocking new team atop his rankings that leaves Alejandro Moreno and Ian Darke speechless.

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49 pensamientos sobre “Man City & Man United rise, but you'll NEVER guess who's No. 1 in Shaka's Power Rankings! | ESPN FC

  1. Here’s my power rankings

    1. Bayern
    2. Man City
    3. Man United
    4. Atletico
    5. AC Milan
    6. PSG
    7. Liverpool (Normally much higher, but I sense Klopp isn’t 100% focused, plus injuries 🤷‍♀️)
    8. Juventus
    9. Inter Milan
    10. Leipzig

    Rangers are good, but come on, it’s the Scottish league. Any club with a hint of quality can smash it

  2. Do people in the comments not understand this isn’t a list based on the best teams in the world. It’s based on 1 – his opinions, 2 – the teams current form. Yes you could argue rangers could be lower down due to quality of opposition, etc. But at the end of the day all the teams on this list have a reason to be in his top 10. Also it’s a bit of light hearted fun, idiots.

  3. Ale's right. The SPL is probably about the level of the MLS, on less competitive. If Shaka's going to have Rangers at #1, the better South American leagues certainly should have some teams mentioned.

  4. ESPN are genius, they know they cant attract top-end pundits so they get the likes of Shaka Hislop (in top 10 worst pundits in television history) to do the job. They are literally trolling everybody just to get views. I just wonder whether the pundits are in on it or do they actually consider themselves knowledgeable experts?

  5. Of course rangers going to be on top because there is a Liverpool player turn manager is there I’m surprise he put United at 3rd and not 10th with his agenda Shaka is afraid of Craig burley tell him to do one

  6. This is based on performance,not on head to head,it's different,and based on their recent performance rangers is very strong, they're on a very strong position to win Scottish premiership right now

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