Manchester City HAVE to be favourites to win the Premier League – Laurens | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens (The Gab and Juls Show) analyse Manchester City’s 2-0 win against Aston Villa in the Premier League. Both sides played out a frantically paced game but despite Villa’s stubbornness, Man City were able to take a controversial lead through Bernardo Silva. Villa manager Dean Smith was sent off following the decision to let play carry on despite Rodri seemingly coming from an offside position. However, Laurens believes it was the right call and was shocked to see so many people disagree with the decision. Man City’s Ilkay Gundogan scored late on with a penalty which saw City go top of the table for a short time before Manchester United beat Fulham 2-1. Laurens and Marcotti both believe Manchester City are now favourites to win the Premier League, however, Marcotti believes City will need to rely on Sergio Aguero’s fitness to do it.

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36 pensamientos sobre “Manchester City HAVE to be favourites to win the Premier League – Laurens | ESPN FC

  1. A cross comes in and the defender intentionally tries to clear the ball but gets a slight touch only, then the ball falls to an attacker who was in an offside position in the first place, and then he scores. Would that be given offside or will the goal stand? I’m pretty sure these pundits, “who know the rules” will say it’s offside.

  2. Mings touches it before rodri…when rodri touched it he was onside …there is literally nothing to discuss..Mings touches it restarts the game…its quite clear you don't need to read the books…Rodri robbed him and he can't deal with that fact …

  3. But to jules point, A defender should just leave the ball pass him? How is that fair to the defender? His job is to dont let a ball go and he gets punished for defending. I know what the law said but strikers can just stay in offside position from now on

  4. Even I was shocked when there was a controversy behind the Bernado goal , especially as a city fan. Rodri was in a offside position but of course it had already touched the body of Mings . So according to the laws a player is offside only when the pass or the last touch before the offside call came from the same team . In this case the last touch came from an opposition player . For instance in the 2014 world cup final when Higuain had a big chance to take the lead, he was miles offside . But the pass came Toni Kroos an opposition player. So that played him onside . Anyways happy about the win go city.

  5. man city, man united, leicester, liverpool, and possibly spurs are the forerunners for the title. liverpool lost at home so the title race is wide open. If Spurs win against liverpool at home, they will be contenders but as of now, they're only possible contenders. rn, it's looking like a city, united, and leicester race

  6. Jules thinks that having an arrogant tone and a petulant demeanor makes him right. The spirit of the law is a load of rubbish & Rodri clearly gets an advantage from being offside and affecting the play moments later. City were still the better team but there are so many things wrong with the game now that it's almost becoming unwatchable.

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