Neville on HUGE Man City win & why Man Utd aren't title contenders yet! | The Gary Neville Podcast

On the latest Gary Neville podcast, Gary and Martin Tyler look back at an action packed clash at Anfield and why Manchester United aren’t title contenders yet.

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32 pensamientos sobre “Neville on HUGE Man City win & why Man Utd aren't title contenders yet! | The Gary Neville Podcast

  1. This guy is a clown. I'm a West Brom fan so I'm neutral. The midfield has been obliterated because they are playing in defence! Before Van Dijk and Gomez were injured they were top! No wonder Valencia got rid of him.

  2. The most frustrating thing for me is the suggestion Liverpool have been the greatest ever team for the past three seasons and this is probably to be expected. They've won the CL and the league since Klopp has been there. Two trophies. Meanwhile we've won the league back-to-back with record points and added the league cup three years in a row and the FA Cup in one of those seasons to be the first side to win the domestic treble. Last year was our blip. This year is standard Liverpool. Record points, record goals, record wins. Liverpool had a very good season last year but it's not in any record books. And the season before that they had an even better one but, oh yes, we still beat them.

    Win the league this year and that's three in 4 years and five in 10 years.

  3. Are liverpools injury problems bad luck or inevitable with the way they play combined with a condenced season and lack of starting signings, only 1 or 2 starting positions have changed in 4 years

  4. One thing about Liverpool that shows they're not near the amazing levels of last year is when City lost possession in good areas liverpool would in 2-3 seconds after would be at the goal or shooting. They now have no pace just played it back to allison crazy

  5. Ex United players are bunch of Cowards as they fail to criticize Ole simply because he is a former Player!!! But Found it so easy to criticize JM and LVG who won minus using much Money unlike this P.E teacher who have been Fully backed .

  6. Gary is by far and away the best pundit there is, coming from a Liverpool fan. You'd think, with Liverpool slipping up for the first time in years into poor form and United above them, there'll be this biased excited schoolboy talking about them but completely level-headed, fair assessment and you could listen to him talk ball all day. I mean compare him to Keane, who embarrasses himself every time he talks, and you realise just how good Neville is as a pundit.

  7. Well all that hard work Utd did to get from the bottom half of the table to the top 4 and the way these are yapping on, the season is finished – after 22/23 games gone, really? They drew with Everton and it's back to 'crisis' mode, they're done finished out of the title race blah blah f*cking blah. Didn't realise the League was won in FEBRUARY and I always thought there was 38 games in a PL season, I guess not or is it the media stirring the sh*t again?

  8. Gary just don't want to admit or rather he just don't want to Jinx United's Title chances by saying it openly and agreeing on the fact that… United can still go on to win the Title this season. 😉

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