Champions League: Atletico? Man City? Bayern? Round of 16 predictions!

Is there a better time of year than when the Champions League Round of 16 swings around? The cream of European football face off over several weeks, with some huge clashes on the cards and plenty of potential for the underdogs to cause a shock. Kick off’s Oli Moody sat down with Sebastian Saam and Danya Barsalona to preview all the action.

0:00 Start
0:52 RB Leipzig vs Liverpool
4:33 Barcelona vs PSG
8:11 Lazio vs Bayern
11:30 Atletico vs Chelsea
15:27 Gladbach vs Man City
19:41 Atalanta vs Real Madrid
23:20 Sevilla vs Dortmund
25:33 Porto vs Juventus
28:22 Overall Winners

Camera by: Manuel Vering
Editing by: Philipp Czegka

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15 pensamientos sobre “Champions League: Atletico? Man City? Bayern? Round of 16 predictions!

  1. People are going a little overboard thinking Leipzig will beat Liverpool. Yes they lost Man City, but Leipzig are nowhere near Man City's level. No disrespect but Leipzig didn't even look as good as Man Utd and were very lucky to make the next round in the Champions League. I think as soon as Fabinho or Henderson are playing back in midfield and Thiago is out of the team, Liverpool will win easily.

  2. I think the guy was a bit harsh on Tuchel's capabilities. On the pitch he is as fine a coach as you can get, and he's starting to show that already at Chelsea. And to struggle against Sheffield is not abnormal, they're a good side despite being at the bottom of the table, even Man City only beat them by 1×0. Thing is: Premier League is not Bundesliga, if you take out Bayern there's at least 4 EPL teams that would win Bundesliga easily, Tuchel's Chelsea included.

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