Does Pele Have the Most Overrated Career Ever?

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Whether you love him or you hate him, Pele is one of the most iconic footballers of all time ⚽️ We’re here to break down all the myths and discuss ONCE AND FOR ALL the truth behind his Career. Leave a like if you enjoyed 💜

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26 pensamientos sobre “Does Pele Have the Most Overrated Career Ever?

  1. One of the most infamous videos on this channel was the one where I claimed Pele is overrated. I made it back when I first started, and I’ll admit I maybe tried to clickbait to help grow my channel. However, I think it’s time to revisit it and once-and-for-all give Pele the credit he deserves while also de-mystifying all the misinformation surrounding his career, in a respectful way of course. Thanks for all the support 💯

  2. Brazilian farmer league king. A good goal scorer no doubt, but overrated by media.

    Don't forget the offside rules of that time, no competitive formats for world cups, 12/16 team based world tournament including guests teams to make a format, ridiculous slow defending by defenders of that era.

    And moreover Pele had a great Brazil team, which won even in 1962 tournament without the bench legend's (pele was injured) involvement. Which says a lot of that Brazil team's greatness as a football team. Pele is like modern days Romelu Lukaku, who is also a good striker. But Lukaku don't have an unbeatable Belgium to conquer the world, which Pele had with Brazil. In my opinion, Ronaldo Lima is the greatest footballer ever came from Brazil. The guy is simply a phenomenon!

  3. You tried to make the argument that the defenders where not aggressive on Pele's era, but in 1966 world cup, Portugal kept kicking Pele all the game. Also in 62 he didnt play at all because of an injury, that's why his world cup nombers are not the best.

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