Man City winning the quadruple is 'not a utopia’, so why isn’t Guardiola talking about it? | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens are joined on the Gab and Juls show by Nedum Onuoha to discuss Manchester City’s chances of winning the quadruple. Laurens asks why Pep Guardiola keeps dodging questions about the possibility of Man City lifting the FA Cup, Carabao Cup, Premier League and Champions League in a single season. Plus, Onuoha gives his opinion on whether his former club can achieve the historic feat.

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46 pensamientos sobre “Man City winning the quadruple is 'not a utopia’, so why isn’t Guardiola talking about it? | ESPN FC

  1. Quadruple doesn't matter, because FA Cup and League Cup don't really matter. It's been like that for more than 10 years. Before, those trophies mattered in England, especially FA Cup, but not anymore. Only the CL and Premier League titles matter.

  2. Man City need to reach the finals of both the FA Cup and the Champions League first. The last thing he would want, as a manager, is to hype his players up, only to get knocked out in the quarters or the Semis of one or both of them, plus Pep hasn't even reached the finals of the CL since he last won it with Barcelona a decade ago so that's going to be his biggest concern, his biggest hurdle, before he can dream of the Quadruple

  3. Nedum has single handedly elevated the level of analysis of this whole ensemble.

    Long story short, it's about psychology. The moment you get ahead of yourself is the moment you don't hunt that extra yard and become complacent feeling like you are owed a trophy, when that's not the case. Football is often said to be mental because of that same reason. That's why a more talented team, if they come out with no intensity can be toppled by a less talented team that is more hungry for all the 50/50s and whatnot.

  4. The moment you allude to the quadruple, the expectation and hype goes up. Look how the treble for Utd in 99 was. There were so many moments where it could have come off the rails. Pep will want to minimise them to as few as possible. Can they do it? Yes. Will they do it. Maybe…

  5. If you don't talk about it, you drive more fear into the opponent because they're more focused on what you're capable of doing to them rather than what they can do for themselves but if you talk about it and sounds arrogant then it gives the opposition a reason or inspiration to try and be the one to stop you. For example when Madrid won the 3-peat they weren't favorites and all the attention was on them to lose

  6. Its taboo because you will look cocky, obnoxious if he doesn’t achieve it. Of course a journalist doesn’t understand this.

    How can you talk about a Quadruple when they still havent won the UCL yet or even a treble before.

  7. I agree with pep’s stance on not trying to hype up the possibility of a quadruple. They are a great team, but they have not won any of the trophies yet. Like onuoha said, these other teams in whatever competition could have one great game and knock Manchester city out of the competition. Plus, I believe in history when it comes to teams who are poised to win big trophies, and Manchester city have not proven in the past that they can win the CL specifically. Sure, they are a wonderful team with some unbelievable talent, but there are other teams and every team has a chance. These pundits who think that Manchester city will just walk their way to a quadruple is absolute nonsense when there are so many games coming up for them. Until they ACTUALLY win the quadruple, it’s nonsense to talk about it now like it’s about to happen. Evaluating this team, I’d say that they’ll win the league cup and the premier league. I think that city may be knocked out by a borussia Dortmund team with a generational talent in haaland and arguably another generational talent in jadon sancho (who will want to beat them to prove them wrong in letting him go so easily) along with many other talents. City may be favorites for that game but, as we have seen so may teams, you can never write off any team. As for the FA cup, I think that Chelsea have a good opportunity since they’ll want to win a trophy that’s important and they have also been in really good form, along with the fact that their defense is pretty reliable this season overall. They could definitely knock city out with a great performance.

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