Sergio Agüero, Manchester City’s record-setting striker, is leaving the team when his contract runs out this year.

The Argentinian international, who joined Man. City in 2011, has scored an incredible 257 goals in 384 appearances with the team over the last ten years.

Enjoy all of his 36 goals as a ‘citizen’ in the UEFA Champions League!

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31 pensamientos sobre “All 36 SERGIO AGÜERO #UCL GOALS for MAN. CITY!

  1. Aguero

    I just wanna thank him, so many great memories, thanks to him I became a city fan when I was 7 which is 7 years ago.
    He did so much for the club, he is my absolute favourite player of all time, and I cant believe he is leaving.I am crying right now. But I still will always support him, wherever he goes.

    Thanks what you have done for me.
    For always a city ledgend😭🙌

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