Where to next for Manchester City legend Sergio Aguero? | Premier League

Sergio Aguero is on his way out of Manchester City but which club will he be joining once the season ends?
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24 pensamientos sobre “Where to next for Manchester City legend Sergio Aguero? | Premier League

  1. As if he's never going to Manchester United or Liverpool. Yes he may be a Liverpool fan but considering their rivals it won't happen. Probably Barcelona or back home in Argentina.

  2. His plan has always been to run down his contract at City and go back to independiente. The media is just causing hype for clicks as they do. No chance Aguero plays for another prem club. However, Messi will try and bring him to Barca IF he decides to stay and Kun going there would do just that. Otherwise he's off to Argentina to live the dream.

  3. As a Liverpool fan seeing Aguero at Liverpool would be weird because he played with city for 10 years straight and breathed city for the past 10 year's he is a great striker but he said he wants to leave so it's up to him to decide were to go next this is just my opinion

  4. I reckon anyone moving to Barcelona over the next ten years will go stale waiting for the next decent team to grow up and come of age to play for the first team the team now just want to scrape by for the next couple years or untill their contracts end and their not enough now for a decent competitive team throwing a few stop leakes in place till then is all theres gunna be at Barcelona its going bankrupt if their not carefull

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