Erling Haaland’s future: Destined for Barcelona, Manchester City or Real Madrid? | ESPN FC

The Erling Haaland merry-go-around is in full effect as the summer transfer window approaches, but where will he head — Manchester City, Barcelona, Manchester United, Real Madrid or stay put at Borussia Dortmund? Jan Aage Fjortoft, Alejandro Moreno and Archie Rhind-Tutt join ESPN FC to dissect where Haaland will play next season and preview Dortmund’s clash against Eintracht Frankfurt in the Bundesliga.
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42 pensamientos sobre “Erling Haaland’s future: Destined for Barcelona, Manchester City or Real Madrid? | ESPN FC

  1. Ok ESPN and rival fans just count out Chelsea at your expense. It better to work away a limelight. Make sure you are 100% sure that Chelsea will not bid or pay the full amount Dortmund ask. You are in for a surprise 😏🤷

  2. Haaland is great, but I don't buy this idea that he is better than foden and torres and all the other young talents combined. If anything Man city have always favoured quantity over quality. They have never spent more 100m euros on a single player, rather they invest in buying several lesser priced quality players rather than breaking the Bank the way Psg, Barcelona,and real madrid have been. This is why Man city have the best squad depth in the world, and have a more quality squad than those clubs mentioned

  3. He’d be dumb to not go and play with City in that Pep Guardiola system n style of play! Imagine getting on the end of those filthy KDB crosses, passes etc. Stay in Dortmund one more season and then go to City for that 65-70 pound release clause. Just my opinion before all the fanboys get over emotional.

  4. Real didn't buy anyone last season, I wonder why.
    And yeah I know Mbappe is priority for Zidan, but I don't eliminate them going after 2 with some big contracts up for renegotiation at Madrid.

  5. All I see is an agenda against Pep Guardiola from the dogshit ESPN pundits. No matter how much Pep has spent at City, no player have cost them up to €70m, so they're not gonna be signing Håland for a ridiculous amount, don't force it on them bcos u can't. By the way Håland isn't better than G.Jesus & F.Torres put together, Man City are fighting for 4 titles with those players, on the other hand, Dortmund are fighting for top4 with their almighty Håland.
    Man City have had to give up signing some players in recent times bcos of the bogus Finances involved: Maguire, Alexis, Koulibaly, Kounde, VVD, & they've been fine. Håland can be overlooked too. ✌

  6. Wait until next summer when he will be half priced because of the release clause.
    Archie's laughing off is disrespectful. Pep is correct. City will not pay 150-180M euros for Haaland no matter how many goals he scores. I think any club who buys him for that much now is crazy given that his release clause next summer is half that price.

  7. Barca need to get Haaland if only for a few seasons so I can watch him play with Messi. Let him go to Madrid after, lol. I don't care. Just want to see him play with Leo.

  8. Pep is the best manager in the world. His city side are comfortably the best team in the world except for maybe Bayern. Madrid and Barca are history. If Haaland wants to be a superstar who wins everything he should sign for the club managed by the man responsible for prime Barca. He would be dumb to not go to City. He would be dumb not to play under Pep.

  9. As much as Pep has spend since arriving at City, his track record is he doesn’t spend that kind of money on any single player nor does he buy these high profile/big name players – so I hold out hope that indeed City won’t be getting Haaland this summer – otherwise it’s another fight for 2nd for the rest of ‘us’

  10. Bull. Gabriel Jesus can do as good a job for City as Haaland would. Pep thinks so but apparently Moreno knows better, of course. Moreno overrates Haaland. And Messi, who's getting old and in a year or two will be finished.

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