Breaking down Manchester City's mindset after narrow win vs. Borussia Dortmund | ESPN FC

Manchester City earned a 2-1 victory over Borussia Dortmund in the UEFA Champions League, but the only talking point they will hear ahead of leg two is how Marco Reus was able to score a crucial away goal to keep Dortmund in the tie. Jan Aage Fjortoft, Nedum Onuoha and Steve Nicol are on the ESPN FC panel to debate if this is a different Manchester City side to seasons past, or will Pep Guardiola succumb to the pressures of European football once again?

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38 pensamientos sobre “Breaking down Manchester City's mindset after narrow win vs. Borussia Dortmund | ESPN FC

  1. Jan is quite frustrated that City won, watch them win again at Dortmund in a week's time. Talking sh*t about Pep spending "oil and gas money", let's talk about your failure specialist boy, Ole Gunnar.

  2. Let’s not forget City weren’t at their best against Dortmund, which can be expected given how many games they’ve played this season. I still think city will win the away leg by at least a couple of goals.

  3. People should not think the premier league is the ucl it don't work out like that… U got teams who are winners and know how to win in the ucl dortmund played bad yet still scored and could have got a draw.. If they can give even a decent performance at home city will be knocked out.

  4. Some of these pundits are fuckin joke 🤣👏 we won the game against tough opposition no less no more in these stages nobody gonna win 4:0 they are class team who won CL a that pitty guy who's talking about money no clue about football

  5. I like how if it was Madrid that won this way everybody would be saying Liverpool have the advantage and how real struggled but just because it's man city who won 2/1 they aren't saying that at all, just shows you they only want to criticize teams according how they feel about the names of the team not the result at all., 2/1 is still risky it's still conceded an away goal and Dortmund only needs one goal to progress but i guess talking about the possibility of losing only comes out when it's Madrid.

  6. This is a reality check for everyone who said that City is "the BeSt tEAm iN tHe WoRLd" just because they dominate on domestic level against teams like Brighton, Wolves, etc. Yeah, overall zhey were the better team but a shocking Dortmund side could've also tied that match. People who actually think City is the best team in the world should finally learn: the CL is the hardest competition in club football. The best team in the world is the current CL holder until he looses his crown and currently that's Bayern. End of the discussion. Current form in your domestic league doesn't mean that you can easily best or dominate any team in the KO-stage of hardest competition in club football. People seriously need to learn this…

  7. As an English fan I want Dortmund to go through. City have got away with cheating (ffp) payed for by oil and owned by people who dont respect human rights. Horrid club trying to sport wash.

  8. The stars are aligned for City.even a " wrong " decision went in City' s favour.Whereas previously it went the other way.The football God is looking after City this season.On a different note imagine Haaland going to City and then followed by Bellingham a season later?

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