Manchester City vs. Borussia Dortmund analysis: City set up for failure AGAIN?! | ESPN FC

Manchester City gets the job done, but it was a less-than-convincing performance from Pep Guardiola’s side against Erling Haaland and Borussia Dortmund. ESPN FC’s Nedum Onuoha and Jan Aage Fjortoft agree City will be disappointed they didn’t score more, but will be happy to get the win in the end. Onuoha believes the second leg will be higher scoring, while Fjortoft wonders if Man City will rue the away goal scored by Marco Reus.

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48 pensamientos sobre “Manchester City vs. Borussia Dortmund analysis: City set up for failure AGAIN?! | ESPN FC

  1. To compare City with Bayern is so unreal lol. The guy say, heeyyy But City never won a first leg so they are happy, they are favourites with Bayern….. What?!!!!!! So You are compairing a team who should be happy for winning one game in quarter finals with Bayern? really with a UCL multi champion who, by the way, are the actual champions?

    Man, if this game would be played against Bayern, City would be destroyed. Even Machester City have the entire squad available with his coach, Dortmund have starters injured and also no coach, and they play like this? pffff…

  2. Dortmund deserved a score draw tbh. They were the better team. City were just clinical. The referee was a joke. The way he looked at the screen for city's penalty , u knew a disaster was forthcoming.

  3. Dortmund where robbed, a very good goal not given by a poor referee… City won't be winning this or any other Cup. And the cheats in their side rolling around screaming and holding their faces ought to be sent off.

  4. We all know Dellingham should have gotten this goal and it would have been maybe 2-1 for Dortmund because psychological it would have been a boost, however I guess a 2-2 would have been more realistic.

  5. bvb had a perfectly good goal disallowed, they shud have 2 away goals n that wud put them in the driver's seat in this tie, not sure how nobody has brought that up while reviewing the game 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  6. I like the way Dan normally fuel these ESPN discussions. Simple, city are still virgins when it comes to UCL & don't get surprised if actually they bottle it again this season at Dortmund. It can be quickly over for them & won't be the 1st tym🤣🤣

  7. If the ref made the same mistake with man city all the poundits would be raging about how the ref cost man city the game but since it is in the favour of man city they just let it slide and don't even mention it.

  8. Dan thomas hasn’t got a clue of what his talking about.. english people dont really learn with their mistakes by underestimating the opposition all the time.. if it wasn’t for the ref today ( and wasn’t even mention btw) we’d be talking about a completly different result here.. BVB will win the tie..

  9. I genuinely don't have a clue how any so called sports analysis professionals can put a tagline of "City set up for failure again?!" After a 2-1 win in a champions league quarter final. You people are fools, treating Dortmund like they're a non-league team. Where's your respect ESPN? You need to let your guests take over as hosts. Dan doesn't have a clue what he's talking about at all. What an absolute fool. Talking like we're out 😂

  10. No complain against ref wow this is amazing score should be 2-2 dats fair .. but ref have always soft corner for pep and his dramatic players coz thanks to var otherwise rodri drama was given penalty by ref

  11. Maybe they not doing well in the league but they changed manager dortmund has some top young players which want to test them selfs with one of the best teams. I just don't get this moron being disrespectful it's football quater finals west brom beat Chelsea 5.2 any thing can happen the way this idiot is speaking city should have won 4or5 goals difference seems like he just started watching football

  12. Bellingham is class. A motor in the midfield and technically gifted. Saw a few of his games and he was impressive for a 17 year old. England‘s future looks bright. I‘d love to have him in the German national team 😄

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