"The result is a fair result" | JOSE MOURINHO ON EVERTON DRAW | Everton 2-2 Spurs

Jose Mourinho reacts to Tottenham Hotspur’s 2-2 Premier League draw against Everton.

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33 pensamientos sobre “"The result is a fair result" | JOSE MOURINHO ON EVERTON DRAW | Everton 2-2 Spurs

  1. First of all ask mourinho that is he having a feud with bale why is he always on the bench and doesn't even come in from the bench. If you are playing against a back three you should atleast start a front three to make it one on one. Bale was in such a good form before mourinho started dropping him if you drop your best players in big games than you cannot win.

  2. Erik Lamala should pass to Son.But he want try and up in sky.so shame on for not in team work. Some Spur waiting for a while before passing the ball and make difficult to other Spur players so in general some Spur need chance their style and menality and as a Team that all about football ⚽

  3. From what I see a lot of people have problem with Jose coaching style but if his style really is the problem we have the possibility to witness the grand arc of a man who must reform himself to achieve success. That or he sticks to his old ways and doesn't change =/

    Full disclosure not a fully informed opinion

  4. I've come to the realization that it is the supporters at the games that I love just as much as the team itself. Since the crowds have gone, I haven't watched a whole game, just highlights.

  5. We played terribly and had two shots – Everton deserved the win – Jose has sucked the joy out of Spurs (as we all knew he would) – there is no flair, no belief, no desire, no confidence, no plans and no future under Jose – I now fear winning the League cup will condemn us to another season under his failed football dictatorship. But, that seems like a remote chance, we won't even touch the ball in their half nevermind threaten victory.

  6. A lethargic attack after the first goal… a defensive move, and eventually allowing a tie or a come-from-behind… this pattern is a bit off. I was so scared for the last 5 minutes today.

  7. Please dont fire Jose, he is the best "mentalist & tctical" manager. I believe he will finds the way to improving the team! Just give our support for him!
    Also give him more time to prove it…

  8. Jose In. Success doesn't happen overnight. We need to be patient and stick together as fans. I hope we win the League cup to Vindicate Jose a lil bit. He is an easy prey right now and everyone enjoying taking shot at him.

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