Reacting to Man City's cup win & the Big Six's future after ESL collapse | The Gary Neville Podcast

Gary Neville discusses Manchester City’s Carabao Cup final glory over a passive Spurs side and calls for the government to put a stop to the Big Six’s ‘attempted murder’ of English football.

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33 pensamientos sobre “Reacting to Man City's cup win & the Big Six's future after ESL collapse | The Gary Neville Podcast

  1. This is exactly why polotics should never have been intergrated into football. No wonder why the PL is all MONEY, MONEY, MONEY. The whole game is now tarnished, & no matter what these punters say, this mallarky is FAR from over. Money grabbers always find a way.

  2. I get what Gary's saying about the other 14 clubs having a chance, but the chance is so slim and full of pain lol I could watch Leeds Vs Brighton and it could be a great match, carragher and Neville will talk about Trent Alexander Arnold's defending or mason greenwoods recent goal after on match of the day instead of the actual match that happened.
    The big six have a safety blanket of money to stay on top or around that area due to FFP.

  3. Gary Neville u are a credit to the game! The protection of our national game and what it means in communities across England can not be over stated. For me it showed to things the immense disconnect multi billionaire owners have with fans of the game in this country and secondly they use these Football clubs as a vehicle solely to drive revenue with very little actual understanding of the fabric of these clubs and what made them what they are. Football has spoken!

  4. With the amount of money lost in the last year…no doubt they were going to try to create more revenue. I don’t think anyone said “we are going to murder the game” Jesus with the drama!

  5. I reckon "top6" teams, equal amounts each, millions! Give to other 14 teams money (for starters!) apologies were nice start
    I'm bundesliga man (bayern & 'the prodigy' nagelsmann, YES!!!!) but all this does hit hard wherever you live

  6. Best manager of all time is very debatable managers have went to other countries and not had the resources pep has had and still won plenty of trophies.

    Ultimately he was brought in to win the champions league at both bayern and City but he failed at both so far anyway.

  7. Gary Grade A weapon, talking about the ESL could have killed off Ajax etc, what about the PL ?? The transfer market has been lopsided since the creation of the PL and the wages paid, when top players leave clubs just for wages and obscurity of mid table. And the fantastic job he did at Valencia, you could have destroyed them and their history through you incompetence. Talking about Spurs and the plan and ideas under Poch?? Blew winning the league to Leicester, managed to get to the CL final and yet changed the side that beat Ajax, and same side has been on the slide ever since.

  8. Leeds v Man Utd was not a "thrilling game."
    It was atrocious.
    A complete waste of time.
    Even Carragher and Rob Hawthorne admitted as much when they were commentating on SKY for it.
    What on earth is Tyler on about??

  9. I know he didn't mean it like that (at least I don't believe he did) but it didn't sound right finishing the piece on the fight against racism with the comment "keep on crusading". Lol someone teach the guy a bit of history !!!

  10. English football was bolloxed at the beginning of the premier league,let's face reality- now matter how many of the smaller PL CLUBS claim to be 'real' this is & has been since they formed and left the football league, a European league based in England & fed by sky & the 'global' fans in their armchairs.

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