Man City ON THE BRINK of another Premier League title: A perfect final chapter for Aguero | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Mark Donaldson is joined by Janusz Michallik to talk all things Manchester City as they are now on the verge of another Premier League title.

0:00 How Man City always make it look easy.
1:02 Is this the greatest Man City team under Pep Guardiola at City?
2:20 Sergio Aguero’s importance and impact at Man City.
3:52 Where does Aguero rank among the EPL’s striking elite?
5:40 If Man City win the Champions League, where does the hunger come from next season?
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24 pensamientos sobre “Man City ON THE BRINK of another Premier League title: A perfect final chapter for Aguero | ESPN FC

  1. Sterling Sucks!!!
    Those who watched City vs CRY 90 mins can relate. He had a bad first half with a million touches in the penalty box .
    Second half he improved a bit ,not in finishing. Missed an easy chance 1 vs 1.

  2. Aguero was superb vs CrystalPalace. Whenever he gets a lot of touches in a game , he performs well. I wish Pep would play him against PSG because City badly need a striker.
    To do so Bernardo should be sacrificed from last game lineup vs PSG even though he was good and a change in formation to 4 2 3 1.

  3. Today Sterling could've got 5 Goals
    But guess what he didn't score.

    Speaks alot how many amount of chance he need to score 1 or 2.
    Those stupid people who bring up 18/19 season where he was the top scorer.
    Guess what how many chances he missed…
    He played almost every game to compensate that 30 Goals he scored that season.

    Anyone would've bagged 40-50 even at best 60 that season.
    Do you even know how city create? If you are upfront player 90% of your goal would be an easy Tap IN! For God Sake!

  4. They can win worthless premier league or UCL for first time, but City as a club means nothing outside England, they have no legacy, history, herritage, its all about sudden impact of oil money, absolutelly disgusting. The real best club of England is Manchester United and nobody else. coming from Real Madrid fan.

  5. Cant believe a midtable team from manchester from the 90s, who were relegated from the championship in 1997/98, whose best player was Nial Quinn, is hactually going to win the Champions League. Imagine saying that to Nial Quinn back in 1995.He would have been rolling on the ground like neymar laughing.

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