Tottenham Vs Sheffield United [MATCH PREVIEW]

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28 pensamientos sobre “Tottenham Vs Sheffield United [MATCH PREVIEW]

  1. I think we’ll play better in the beginning of this game. Ryan has had more time drilling the team with his philosophy on the pitch and in the classroom. He only had 2 days before which, unfortunately showed in those games. I’m going 3-0, Spurs. COYS!

  2. Getting boring listening to deluded Spurs fans , we over achieved for 3/4 years and now our toxic squad consisting of players that should have been moved on years ago don’t care .

    There is no team spirit and no light at the end of the tunnel , club in turmoil .

  3. If we get into Europe that only benefits levy . There not gonna leave while in Europe , there still be an opportunity to get that bit more money so that’s never gonna happen . We need no Europe and sorry to say Kane to go and son and then the fans will really turn . We have a new stadium which ain’t worth a toss . Should of build a team and stayed at the lane .

  4. Big positives of this season, we beat Man City in the league at ours 2-0, we knocked Chelsea out of the League Cup, we got to the League Cup Final, we were top of the league for a while, we scored two of the best goals this season Lamela’s Rabona v Arsenal and Ndombele’s individual brilliance with that fantastic lob v Sheffield Utd.
    Not gonna talk about the down points cause everyone worth their salt as a supporter knows them all.

  5. Levy built the greatest Bakery in the UK then serves up Stale Bread.

    We have to stop deluding ourselves, all this talk of an Elite Manager coming in, we are not at the Top Table. IMO Graham Potter should come in. It's realistic, and he plays good football without a decent striker to finish off the moves. Well, I can see him getting us 6th place next year with good football. Right now I'd take that

  6. Why is this game on at 7.15pm on a Sunday . Whatever happened to a 3pm kick off on a Saturday yet again it's all about tv money and sky and BT want to criticise the super league they need a good hard look at themselves. Hypocrisy.

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