Who is hated more in Madrid: Eden Hazard or Gareth Bale? | ESPN FC Extra Time

Dan Thomas is joined by Steve Nicol, Shaka Hislop and Don Hutchison on ESPN FC Extra Time to answer all your questions.

0:00 Time to pick fun on Don’s goal “just inside the halfway line.”
1:12 Will Don give Chelsea fan an apology for giving them a zero percent change of making the Champions League final?
1:51 Who’s hated more in Madrid: Eden Hazard or Gareth Bale?
2:43 Who does it hurt more: Manchester City without Kevin De Bruyne or Chelsea without N’Golo Kante?
3:17 How many goals did Don score from 40 yards out? Laughter ensues from Shaka and Stevie!
4:06 Could Steven Gerrard leave Rangers to manage Tottenham Hotspur?
9:42 If Pep Guardiola fails to beat Chelsea in the Champions League final, would that be considered a failure?
10:15 Proper pronunciations of “hyperbole.”
11:27 How long will Jose Mourinho last at AS Roma?
12:48 Is Shaka looking to get air conditioning for his home this year?
13:24 What’s more likely to happen: Don to eat a cheeseburger or Stevie to eat a Shepherd’s pie with corn?

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31 pensamientos sobre “Who is hated more in Madrid: Eden Hazard or Gareth Bale? | ESPN FC Extra Time

  1. Fergie only managed Scottish football before Man U right? Did he transfer straight over from Aberdeen or something? So yeah it can happen but Stevie will need at least 5 seasons like Klopp got

  2. The club that treated Bale like a pariah after all he had done for them and then they started crying when Bale said he feels more welcome and wanted when playing for Wales. You just can't win against this childish entitlement from Madrid.

  3. If Liverpool fans are divided on whether or not Steven G should be the coach after Klopp departure,I think Why Barcelona are so hyped about Xavi?I mean it's not always that Prince of the Castle returns and then suddenly all the problems are sorted out.Nothing is scripted.
    Xavi should coach Barcelona one day,but why should we be doing anything in a hurry?

  4. Bale’s last couple years have been ugly sure. But his first 4 seasons he played for the badge and contributed and won us many trophies. He will go down as a Real Madrid legend. Of course Hazard is hated more because he doesn’t care.

  5. i dont like Liverpool very much and i dont like steve nicol very much. and it is very rare You dont like a commentator. and i just found steve nicol.once played in Liverpool. what a coincidence that i dont like them and they must share something in common. violence, arrogant, physical, no beauty of soccer

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