"Great players will NOT want to go to Spurs" | Micah & Redknapp on Spurs' summer plans

Jamie Redknapp thinks Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy has to do a lot in the summer to appease the Spurs fans.

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34 pensamientos sobre “"Great players will NOT want to go to Spurs" | Micah & Redknapp on Spurs' summer plans

  1. Love Kane so much for telling the World how awesome Mourinho is and how all he wanted was for those group of awful spurs players and the club in general to step up and be leaders. Much respect to Kane and i am happy he's leaving that dead club.

  2. Arsenal & Tottenham maybe rival but they have many similarities…….
    1. They kicked out good manager for worse one .
    2. Both team owned by businessman, have no affection for the game.
    3. Both team is 'selling team' , with project but no ambition.
    4. Both team does not listen to sporting director or they don't have one.
    5. Both team is going down 🔻, yet they thinking about beat eachother.

  3. I'm a spurs fan of 30 years. We're fcuked. To "rebuild" you need deep pockets and Levy doesn't spend like Chelsea, Liverpool, Man U, and City do. Spurs have been in decline for 2 years. The squad peaked the season of the CL final and we could all see the club needed to bring in fresh blood. I'm done with this two Bob outfit.

  4. Surpised. They are one of the 12 best clubs in the world and have won the league-championship even twice. Last time in 1961. Feel sorry for the now btw when rhey are getting punished and will go down two divisions along with the 5 others.

  5. If Kane, Bale, Vincent don't want to be at the club next season. They will have Son leading the Number 9 role, Ali playing the Number 10 role, Lucas playing the Number 7 and Bregwin playing the Number 11 role with Lamela playing any of that role. But what other players be there during the summer.

  6. Biggest joke is kane saying he wants to play in the biggest games and finals when he just disappears in them for club and country. World class my ass just a flat track bully, dont sign him pep will ruin your systems and let you down when most needed.

  7. Trippier and Eriksen just won a major trophy after leaving the spurs less than 2 years, looks like the curse is real, players who want to win trophy have to leave spurs asap..
    Also fun fact: 28 former spurs players since 2008 have won 117 trophies after leaving spurs.

  8. I'm not a Spurs fan but they were unlucky not to win something in the past few seasons, if he's adamant about going and money wasn't an issue it would be nice to see him go somewhere like Dortmund in Germany and help them win the league there or Athletico Madrid and try and win champions league with either team, hope he doesn't go to Man u, Man city, Barcelona or Real Madrid

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