Manchester City would be UNTOUCHABLE with Harry Kane – Janusz Michallik | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Kay Murray sits down with Janusz Michallik to discuss the latest transfer rumours in world football, including where Borussia Dortmund’s Erling Haaland and Tottenham’s Harry Kane could end up this summer.
0:00 Michallik believes Kane to Man City will be the move of the summer.
2:50 Michallik says Haaland to Chelsea makes tons of sense.
3:40 Michallik shares his thoughts on Jadon Sancho to Manchester United.

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46 pensamientos sobre “Manchester City would be UNTOUCHABLE with Harry Kane – Janusz Michallik | ESPN FC

  1. Where the heck are these clubs getting the cash to make these deals? Surely City and Chelsea can't spend hundreds of millions of GBP each year and comply with FFP? Revenues have been down, clubs are hemorrhaging money, heck even EPL clubs furloughed staff. And now they're going to throw more money at big players? Doesn't make sense to me.

  2. All of those are rubbish. Let the season start first. All this haaland and Kane is rubbish. We've heard that Liverpool will be untouchable, Chelsea will be untouchable, man utd will be untouchable, now, its city. Let us see how it goes

  3. ESPN acts like Kane is Messi. Liverpool have Salah, Van Dijk, Fabinho, Thiago, Robertson and Trent and if they add some squad depth they can easily beat City with Kane. Chelsea have one giant squad and if they add a proper striker, they can easily beat City as well. Pound for pound, Liverpool have the better starting 11 and Chelsea have a young squad full of talent. Then there's United who will get Sancho and will add some more players.

  4. If Chelsea get Halaand they would be just as good if not better than City with Kane. Whats certain is that those 2 teams would be untouchable by the rest of europe except for maybe Bayern.

  5. What everyone is forgetting is that knowing Pep, he wouldn't even start him if they got to the finals. Or he'd play Kane as a false 9.

    Let's be real, Kane is too tall to play for Pep Guardiola.

  6. The English media would love to say how Kane is much better than Aguero, but they can’t. They skip that part and just claim Kane would make City unbeatable. Well, they just had Kun, who’s a better goal scorer than Kane, and they weren’t untouchable.

  7. I actually played under Janusz when I was a kid, and his father used to ref a lot of my matches. Janusz was my coach briefly here in Connecticut… and I gotta disagree with him on this one. Haaland is way superior. I just don't see Kane's numbers staying up that high if he goes to City, but I wish him well. He is a great player.

  8. I don't agree with Janusz Michallik. Observe that Manchester City was always convert all their goal creation. So Kane would bring nothing to City. But if you could instead go to Chelsea he would be scoring all the goal opportunities Chelsea was capable of creating but missing them.

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