'Italy are playing like Man City or Liverpool!' – Laurens | Euro 2020 | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens (Gab and Juls show) react to Italy’s comprehensive 3-0 win against Switzerland that confirms Italy’s place in the knockout stages of Euro 2020.

00:00 Reaction to Italy vs. Switzerland
01:00 Mancini’s masterclass as Italy coach
01:48 Italy, or Man City and Liverpool?
02:31 Do Italy still have issues in defence?
05:00 Italy’s stats impress!

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27 pensamientos sobre “'Italy are playing like Man City or Liverpool!' – Laurens | Euro 2020 | ESPN FC

  1. I'm sorry I have to laugh. Italy played at a completely different level and intensity as compared to Man City and Liverpool.
    This was just a phenomenal display of football by the Italian side. Man City and Liverpool are no where near them.
    And no, I'm not Italian. But this is how I've hoped Borussia Dortmund would play. Alas,… no, I won't go there today.

  2. Nah its not Man City or Liverpool .. Italy play like Sassuolo (De Zerbi) for the first goal, 2nd goal like Atalanta (Gasperini) and 3rd goal like Inter (Conte) ..

    Mancini mixing what the best in Serie A that his players knew about so its easier to implement in NT .. Smart move from Mancini imo ..

    Many people or pundits that dont follow Serie A make Chiellini injured like end of the world for Italy .. Acerbi is good enough to replace him and Bastoni gonna be surprise everyone who didnt follow Serie A ..

    Agree with Gab, Florenzi injured is blessing in disguise .. Di Lorenzo is better option for Mancini tactic in NT .. Di Lorenzo good at balancing his role as fullback who tuck in as 3CB on build up and still support Berradi, Barella when opportunity arise .. While Florenzi imo his postioning is not good enough as RB in 4 man defence .. Florenzi best as Wingback when there are CB who can covering him ..

  3. Italy have so far looked like the team most capable of beating France. They play the 4-3-3 so effectively, similar to City and Liverpool of 2020. Italy almost never lose in final of big tournamentss o if they get there it's pretty much a done deal.

  4. Vieira, just another Frenchman salty that Italy beat them in 2006 and 2008 and have 4 world cups to their two. Neville, just another underachiever for England who has not won anything at international level with his country. England struggled to beat Croatia and France had to depend on an own goal against a German side that is not as good as it once was. You want to see intensity, power, team spirit and entertaining football? Then watch Italy!!

  5. Calm down they haven't exactly played against good opponents with quality forwards.
    Italy are good (That's it) Italy are being over gassed without looking at the facts they haven't really being tested.

  6. "Bonucci, Chiellini" haven't been tested, they have been tested for the past 10 years & won pretty much all those battles.
    Yes they are now getting on a bit, are a shade slower and are very much at the end of their careers, but they still know what they are doing so the they "haven't been tested comment" is absolute nonsense!

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