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  1. Probably the worst back five I've seen at Celtic in 20 years of supporting them. The youngsters may improve but we need quality and experience signed now. An 18 year old CB with 2 first team starts was never going to end well, and an average age of 21 across the back four just isn't right. West Ham are undoubtedly better than us but I'd expect a much closer game if we actually recruited properly at the start of the window.

  2. That same west ham team are all over social media saying, cektics defence was poor, goalkeepers both lost 3 but I think that ws one of barakas better games.. Said Dundee were a harder oppenent, saying they were lucky t get a draw and how they achieved that.. Im not a rangers fan, Celtic, I'm a fan of football and in the 80, s as a kid then older.. I always want the Scottish team to progress.. Aberdeen team I probably dislike the most, I still remember hewitts header like it was yesterday. The whole house erupted..
    But I think Celtic have made a bum move for this manager. Sane bk room coaching staff.. I hate to say it but it's rangers league again.. Whatever manager they were going to get needs Windows not 1..were not taxing light anymore.. (daylight robbery).. Kane 160million 400,000 a week is obscene.. Disappointed opinion in that dressing room.. And hell not score as many as he did for spurs.

  3. Top 10 glasgow teams in my opinion
    1. Glasgow Rangers
    2. Queen's Park
    3. Partick Thistle
    4. Glasgow United
    5. Ashfield FC
    6. Maryhill FC
    7. Broomhill FC
    8. Glasgow FC
    9. Rossvale FC
    10. Shawfield FC
    Septic no top 10 in my book 😤

  4. our midfield and attack are decent, it’s just our defence that let us down. Our full defence is bottom half of the spfl at best. Anyways, good luck for the rest of the season!

  5. Well done the Hammers from a Rangers man! Scottish football cannot really compete with the EPL and this result proves that. You have a good team and good luck for the new season ahead.

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