Why Georginio Wijnaldum felt like the one to blame at Liverpool | ESPN FC

Shaka Hislop, Craig Burley and Kay Murray are joined by Luis Garcia to shed some light on Georginio Wijnaldum’s comments that he was blamed on social media for losses during his time at Liverpool.
0:00 Burley says if he was playing today there’s no way he would be on social media.
2:30 Garcia points out that there’s no chance to please everyone on social media.
4:30 Hislop believes Wijnaldum needs to turn off his social media accounts.

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29 pensamientos sobre “Why Georginio Wijnaldum felt like the one to blame at Liverpool | ESPN FC

  1. Gini was always known as the one who smiled through everything. And he's blown that perception with one interview. Does he really not expect to get any criticism from psg fans? He will always be welcomed back with open arms in Liverpool but hes soured his reputation a bit now. A public relations mistake.

  2. I love Gini and wanted him to stay however, this leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. He had the chance to join Barcelona and said they took too long. It's clear he went for the money. His last big contract and he's getting over 10 million a year. He's using a minority of "fans" who could have been trolls from other clubs to justify him moving.

    I'd have had more respect for him if he just said it was his last big contract and he had achieved all he needed to achieve at Liverpool.

  3. Gini appears to be a decent bloke and certainly has been good for Liverpool at key games. Certainly too he also had a lot of down games where his performance was lacklustre, like any player. At least at Liverpool he was in a good ecosystem (club, management, team mates, support staff). Fans on social media will always go for jugular if the team underperforms. In Gini’s case I thought most Liverpool fans were quite generously kinder to him when I read comments directed at other key players (of course naive of him to assume every criticism comes from a real fan too). Even Messi receive harsh criticisms from Barcelona fan base. So Gini trying to raise his demands in contract negotiations seemed more the reason but of course he chose to highlight social media lack of love. Sad he choose to erode his own Liverpool legacy this way. If he thinks PSG fans will love him on social media without scathing scrutiny, maybe even unfair criticisms – he will be in for rude awakening. I like to believe he is a good person. Just misplay his cards.

  4. “There were some moments when I didn’t feel loved and appreciated there. Not by my team-mates, not the people at Melwood. I know they all loved me and I loved them. It was not from that side. More from the other side.”

    Let's discuss the actual facts. Wijnaldum mentioned his team-mates, the people at Melwood and "the other side". Who are the "other side"? FSG or the (online) fans? He's discussing the club, not the fanbase. So that would be FSG. The fabled transfer committee let a legend go, weakened Liverpool and strengthened PSG in one dumb move. He could have gone down as one of the all-time greats had they allowed him to.

  5. I don't really know what Gini was playing at. He pulled a massive 'stay tuned for this!' and has scammed everyone with this excuse about mean fans on Twitter. If he thinks Liverpool fans are bad then can he imagine how bad PSG fans will be on his socials?

  6. People don't realize these players only have a certain ammount of years to make as much money as possible…. Gini would've stayed but he wanted ridiculous money, lfc isn't a charity. We appreciate what he did especially in the champions league

  7. Can we please get younger people involved in discussions that involve things that literally these commentators are saying, “if I had been around when this was around, I’d just be able to ignore it and place a bubble of positivity around myself.” These guys clearly don’t understand today’s branding and the way players build their personality and become more valuable to teams and cities.

  8. Totally agree with Craig re social media. I remmember at the end of the 1989 league title decider at Anfield with Arsenal, when Micheal Thomas had just scored the secong goal to give Arsenal the title with the last kick of the game. The players and fans were absolutely numb, in football terms, the worst night of my life. I heard a scouser say to his mate, "i think Liverpool have let the fans down there, dont you?" Are you f**king serious, i thought, the players had given everything and then some. The previous Saturday they had played for two hours in sweltering heat in an emotional FA cup final against Everton, then they played West Ham on the Tuesday and emerged 5 – 1 winners agaisnt a side who were fighting for their lives against relegation, and then had to play Arsenal on the Friday. The players were shattered, physically and emotionally and had nothing else to give. No doubt, if social media had been around back then, the players would have faced critisism online.

  9. The thing is if thousands applaud you those few shitty comments are those you remember. As a Liverpool fan I have nothing but praise for Gini. He was a top professional and gave his all from the first to the last game for the club. We shouldn't accept idiots online and us fellow fans should stand up against if this happens again.

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