Could Ronaldo to Manchester City work?

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If the rumours are true Cristiano Ronaldo could be returning to Manchester, but this time in the sky blue of City. Ronaldo was once Pep Guardiola’s adversary when the two were in La Liga, but could they now be allies?

Seb Stafford-Bloor explains. Henry Cooke illustrates.

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36 pensamientos sobre “Could Ronaldo to Manchester City work?

  1. I would hate for CR7 to go to City. But even If United actually signed him. I really don't see how he fits into our squad. It would only add to Bruno's workload in the press. And our wingers would also have to be more proactive in the press and not hold their shape. In short the players that already do a lot. Will have do that bit extra to compensate. Rashford, Bruno and Sancho would more likely be burnt out in half a season. And thats almost been the case last season even without CR7. So I really don't see it working out. My only hope is that PSG steals him away from City. Or Juventus convince him to stay.

  2. I would rather take Haaland. He would cost City 160 million euros for two season only and he surely won't play all league games at 37 yo, they could get any player in the world with this much money. This seriously don't make much sense apart from egos and branding.
    He is not cost efficient.

  3. This sound more like a desperate attempt by city, they didn't get kane, so they're going for Ronaldo now, kane made more sense as he had time at his side, but Ronaldo isn't at prime of his career(though his leaps at crosses and his goalscoring record would indicate otherwise), but kane would cost more than Ronaldo and Juventus needs fund so they're ready to sell Ronaldo while spurs don't wanna sell Kane. Get 1-2 year from Ronaldo(maybe they'll sign for 50 million and more) and then maybe buy kane or haaland(for more than 100 million). Money is never a problem at City, so they can sign whosoever is willing to join or in kane case whichever club is ready to sell their star player. But now I worry for juventus, they depend so much on Ronaldo, how will they cope up without him

  4. I think he’s a bigger need and better fit at Man U. But for a 37 Ronaldo he needs Pep. Which is why he should take a pay cut. Win a golden boot, a prem, a CL, and more with 2 seasons at City then go the MLS for 2 more then retire.

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