"The Glazers could NOT let Ronaldo join Man City" | Gary Neville on Man Utd signing Ronaldo

Gary Neville gives his thoughts on Cristiano Ronaldo signing for Manchester United, suggesting that the Glazers were forced to act when it looked like Ronaldo could sign for Manchester City. Gary also says that whilst he WANTS United to win the title, he doesn’t think that the signing of Ronaldo will clinch the Premier League top spot for United.

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50 pensamientos sobre “"The Glazers could NOT let Ronaldo join Man City" | Gary Neville on Man Utd signing Ronaldo

  1. That's all good, but with a goalkeeper like that, and some other players that are on the team, I don't know. I just hope Manchester United step up their game (in some positions) otherwise it will be a Juventus all over again. Ronaldo doing his part but a part of the team (and the coach) playing like ass.

  2. I’m an ardent Liverpool fan but I personally think that Ronaldo is the signing of the season and I now believe Man Utd will win the league and other titles too, they’ve gone from a team with good players who are inconsistent with no proper leadership (sit down Maguire, hugely overrated) to now having someone back in their team who wants to win at anything he applies himself too, absolutely hates losing and will also not tolerate those around him not pulling their weight and will not be afraid to call them out publicly on the pitch and in the dressing room if they’re slacking and messing up his opportunity for success (he’s an old school student of Fergie) he will score the goal opportunities the others would squander and he will teach them the others proper dedication and professionalism and embarrass those who have lost their passion and only looking to pick up a pay cheque! A lot of respect to Ronaldo and good luck to him too

  3. Jimmy is right about Ronaldo's presence making everyone else do better. He will demand perfection from his team-mates.

    I think Liverpool will fight for 3rd with either Chelsea or Man U, and City will win but not by much from the other.

  4. Signing old players like Cavani and Ronaldo, were signed to quiet dissent, but will just delay actual team development. If they had sold Pogba and bought Frenkie de Jong, de Light and Alphonso Davies, then you can have a spine in this team.

  5. Neville is always wrong. Kane can still go to Man Utd. There's two days left and he is not settled at Tottenham. 150M will take Kane to Man Utd easy. Exchange Martial, the price tag could be 100M. Kane will give United 25+ goals, enough to win the title. Alongside Ronaldo, it's very much possible they could win the league.

  6. Ronaldo is absolutely fantastic for us but it’s not a one man effort to win the league stop trying make him put that pressure on Ronaldo! His boots will do the talking alongside hoods teammates

  7. Neville is totally right. It's not expected that United win the league with Ronaldo signing. As a United fan I'm delighted with the signing and it makes us stronger. We have 4 amazing teams battling it out. Let's get it on. 💪

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