Can Manchester City win the Champions League with its current roster? | ESPN FC

Pablo Zabaleta and Craig Burley discuss Cristiano Ronaldo’s decision to transfer to Manchester United instead of Manchester City, and discuss Manchester City’s chances to win the Champions League.

0:00 Pablo Zabaleta and Craig Burley discuss controversy in the Wolves vs. Manchester United match.
1:22 Pablo Zabaleta discusses Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Manchester United.
2:48 Pablo Zabaleta breaks down Manchester City’s chances to win the Champions League.

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38 pensamientos sobre “Can Manchester City win the Champions League with its current roster? | ESPN FC

  1. I can say one thing again that a English side will win the CL this time and City has the best chance only if they don't flop in the big games they have everyone who can be a match winner on a given day.

  2. Honestly, a team like Chelsea or city would be more suited to challenging for a league format competition due to their squad depth. I can see Liverpool, psg, Bayern making a good run in the UCL because of their strong first xi. But, city and Chelsea should definitely be one of the favourites

  3. It is City, they always find the way to bottle in CL even they have the healthiest lineup, same with PSG!! Liverpool, Chelsea, or even Man utd still have better chance to win CL !!!

  4. I don't think so, they have a solid team, well 2 solid teams, but still lack a natural goalscorer for those big features like last UCL final. Still, this is football, so who knows, but I don't think another team outside from Bayern, Chelsea, Liverpool, City even United or PSG (only if they keep Mbappé) will win this UCL.

  5. Ofcourse we stand a chance we win league last year without a striker and we can retain this year without one too. As per as CL it has nothing to do with a proper no 9 for us because if so we would get knocked out way before final last year because even in SF PSG was a better team than Chelsea we faced in final. But we beat PSG and lost to Chelsea. It tells me we have a mental block which is expected as we never won CL or gotten close enough. But we are making gradual progression year before last year we got to semi final followed by final last year may be this year will be ours.

  6. Ronaldo want to join city cuz he know that ths club on good condition , but he choose MU cuz his loyality soul . Im a SUPER FANS OF MU. but in my deep heart i wish City winning UCL and MU EPL. 🙏🙏🙏🙏 GO MANCHESTER !!! ❤💙

  7. What does ESPN mean by this current roaster???
    Very much still the same squad, Only Additional is Grealish, Whom The Whole Football World Thinks He is The Wrong Signing and Not Worth The Money At all.
    ESPN should Let City Be, They Should Keep Hyping Chelsea and Liverpool.
    City Shines without Spotlight.

  8. ManCity can't win the league this time. It's going to be so tight at the top4. It's going to be between Chelsea and Liverpool. But if Ole is smart enough to match Ronaldo and one particular striker in the attack, they could win the league. I won't mention the name of the striker I want him to continue to bench him till the season ends🤣🤣

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