Does Manchester City need another striker to win the Premier League? | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Craig Burley, Kasey Keller, Don Hutchison and Julien Laurens share their thoughts on everything Premier League, including Man City’s search for another scorer.
0:00 Hutchison believes Man City need to add a striker to win the Premier League.
3:00 Will signing Cristiano Ronaldo fix Manchester United’s problems?
4:00 How much longer will Tottenham keep winning?

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34 pensamientos sobre “Does Manchester City need another striker to win the Premier League? | ESPN FC

  1. Not this season. Last season Gündogan came from nowhere score 13 goals. The season before last year he scored 2 goals. They have already lost the first game to Spurs. The first team with a solid defense caused them no goal.

  2. I mean they won it last year without a striker, Aguero was out most of the season but the worry here is that the level of competition is much higher this season with Chelsea stepping up as one of the best teams in the world and Liverpool getting Van Djik fit and Man United buying World Class players.

  3. These clowns know nothing, won league, Carabao cup, semi final FA cup and final CL with no striker. We've solved the stiker problem, Jesus has moved to the wing, Torres is playing up front and he'l score +20 goals, the rest we can get from midfield players. Pep playing Sterling off the bench, his finishing is poor, Grealish signed and bedding in nicely. City will be the leading scorers once again and for the 4th year running.

  4. For me, it’s not even a question, look at Chelsea with a super solid defense, and Lukaku. Look what Suarez did for Atletico. They are still a super solid team, but this year the Prem will be very difficult, and they can’t get away without the 20-25 goals a great striker can bring.

  5. The title of this video is truly disrespectful, it should state “to defend the Premier League title” as you guys have just dismissed them as the current holders. Don’t hate the player hate the game.

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